Scouting is the largest youth movement in the world, with over 218 million members worldwide. It is a very important organization to many young people because of its principles and values.

In Uganda today, young people should be trained in life skills of scouting that are applicable in their daily lives. The knowledge and skills of scouting are useful to our communities such as the spirit of volunteerism, environmental protection, trustworthiness, and cleanliness.

Scouting also allows our communities to learn cultures of other countries around the world and by doing such they develop a spirit of acceptance. Through acceptance and brotherhood we can bridge the gaps between countries and cultural and racial differences.

We strongly encourage any members of Boy Scouts of America and other scouts across the world to come volunteer with us. Volunteer activities could include team building, camping, and pioneering with the children who are part of the Uganda Scouts. BACOP is also very involved in community development and has ongoing projects with different villages year round that you could be involved with.