Balamu Community Outreach Program (BACOP) is a grass root lead nonprofit organization, based in Mukono, Uganda East Africa

BACOP was founded in 2012 with the main purpose of improving community livelihoods through sports

BACOP development thematic areas are:

Child protection, water sanitation and hygiene, education support, economic empowerment, health and care, environment and climate change mitigation, and hosting of International volunteers.

Since her inception in 2012, BACOP interventions have changed the lives of men -15,169, women -35,231, Female youth and children – 22,748, and 41,010 male youth and children.

Hosted international volunteers on the short and long program to date are 90 males and 113 females in various programmatic disciplines.

Education support beneficiaries to date are 14 girls and 21 boys in primary and secondary schools


BACOP Vision:  Empowered communities for self-reliance through sport.


BACOP Mission:  Enrich community livelihoods through knowledge and skills empowerment.


Organizational Structure 

BACOP has an advisory board composed of 7 members that decide on the strategic direction of the organization.  The board takes decisions on organization policies.  Board also makes assessment of project implementation, achievements, and plans for expansion.  It approves budget plans and financial reports and audits and takes on contract agreement decisions.  The Board of BACOP consists of personalities of impeccable character who are also professionals in Sports, child protection, economics and banking, social research and advocacy, financial management, appropriate technologies, development studies, health, and others.

Below the board is the secretariat and office of BACOP, which is well-established and consists of well-qualified and competent staff headed by the Program Director. He is supported by a team comprising 11 qualified staff whose composition includes: Assistant Program Director in charge of programs and projects, technical and support staff. These are charged with the technical functions of the organization.

 Organisation core values

  • Selfless Commitment
  • Courage
  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Respect for others
  • Transparency
  • Community involvement
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