Balamu Community Outreach Program (BACOP) was founded in 2012 with the main purpose of serving the community. The organization brings together groups of community members who are dedicated to improving the livelihood of local communities through education, skill development, and provision of health services.

BACOP is an independent and non-profit organization based in Uganda. It serves an extensive number of local communities including Kabembe, Kiyunga, and Kyampisi: all in Mukono District – Uganda.

The organization partners with volunteers within Uganda and from countries around the world and works closely with each community it serves.

In particular, it has helped provide clean water by constructing protected water sources, and medicine to those that need them.

Since its existence to date, it has built a strong foundation of trust, community involvement, and accountability.

In serving the community, BACOP has contributed significantly to the improved welfare of the people.

BACOP Vision:  Strive to make a difference in local communities through partnerships.

BACOP Mission:  Empower communities with knowledge and skills to improve their welfare.

About Bacop