BACOP chose to begin working with the Nakifuma Health Centre III to ease the workload of the very limited staff.

Our volunteers get to work in an HIV/AIDS clinic as well as a maternity ward.

In the HIV clinic, our volunteers encourage the clients to come pick up their antiretroviral drugs and other medications on the dates our clinic is open: Monday and Wednesday. Every Tuesday we provide HIV testing to members of the community. The maternity ward is a place where volunteers can learn about and assist with prenatal checkups, family planning services, and malaria testing for expecting mothers.

Working in the HIV clinic and maternity ward allows volunteers to hear stories, share experiences, and understand the many health challenges these Ugandans face on a daily basis. Through this communication, volunteers partner with local nurses and staff to help make sustainable changes in the community.

2:Internship program at Nakifuma Health Centre 111 for Nurses.

BACOP in cooperation with Nakifuma Health Centre III, is offering an internship program to nursing interns and recent graduates (within 5 years), who are interested in working abroad in Uganda, Africa. This program will benefit both the volunteer, as well as the community at large. Potential volunteers will get to further their education and utilize their skills while being immersed in a foreign environment, the NHC staff will be able to impart their skills and share their workload, and the patients will be able to receive quality care quickly and more efficiently.

There is a lot of work at NHC, yet the staff is very limited. There is oftentimes only 1 nurse attending to 100 patients per day, leading to long hours and very overworked nurses!


The duration of this program for nursing interns/ graduates to begins from 6- 24 weeks .

Sample program for 1 week:


1st to  2nd Week Focusing on Luganda Language & Ugandan culture Learning medical / Health Terms, orientations
Morning Afternoon
3nd wk
Working in the Clinic   daily
Monday Luganda Communication to the expectant mothers Recording, Antenatal
Tuesday Morning communication done in Luganda Interns also involved Blood testing , Antenatal
Wednesday Counseling to the pregnant ladies. Antenatal
Thursday Communication Recording, Blood testing, Antenatal
Friday Luganda Communication to the expectant mothers  Antenatal
Saturday Delivering of expectant mothers
Sunday Delivering of expectant mothers



The above program is a rough schedule to give you an idea what you are likely to do on a daily basis. Interns/grads can expect to have two days off per week (days may vary). While in the maternity ward, volunteers will learn about and assist with prenatal checkups, family planning services, and malaria testing for expecting mothers. You will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the differences in care and treatment from western medicine. Take every opportunity to further your knowledge, hone your skills, and grow your understanding of medical care around the world. Always be respectful of the local customs and best practices.

Your immersive stay here will help you to understand Ugandan lifestyle, culture, and language on a deeper level. You will also learn from, and assist, the hardworking local staff by reducing their considerable workload during your time in Nakifuma.