Here at BACOP we are so proud of all the programs we have the pleasure to run and involve you in. What this means for our volunteers is no one day looks the exact same. Your host will brief you each night over dinner as to what you can expect the following days activities to consist of.

To give you an idea of what you can expect we have put together a small schedule below;

Each day volunteers will have breakfast, get ready and be in transit to their daily program by 9am.

Morning Village program Local HIV Clinic visit All day Village program Local maternity ward visit Teaching at Kabembe Parents school


All day Football Academy training Day off
Afternoon Free time Mukono markets visit Free time



Balamu Outreach program is located in the rural town of Kabembe, located 30mins outside of Mukono Township. From Kabembe you can easily get transport to the main cities and tourist areas such as Kampala, Entebbe and Jinja. We understand you may also want to do other activities and see more of our beautiful country while you are here. Just speak to your host and we will help you with options and arrangements.

As a volunteer you can expect to become very comfortable catching public transport to get around. Your hosts we will ensure you are well prepared before you decide to take it on your own. Most people only take a few days and very quickly gain the confidence to move around independently.



To truly immerse you into Uganda life BACOP volunteers are hosted in local households. Each volunteer’s accommodation is secure with individual room keys issued on arrival. Prepare yourself for a real experience, with no running water volunteers clean by bucket shower and use outside long drops, this is standard in most Uganda homes. In Uganda we are proud of our homes and creating a clean, comfortable environment for guests brings us so much joy. We can’t wait to invite you in!



Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all prepared within your host’s home. We aim to introduce you to the fresh produce from our local markets, shopping for these is quite the experience and we encourage volunteers to come along. Your hosts will aim to keep the meals changing from day to day so you can try many of our Uganda dishes. Breakfast normally consists of bread, tea and fruit. Here are some of the usual food items you can expect to find in your other meals: Matooke (steamed and mashed green banana), posho (maize meal), groundnuts, beans, chapatti, stews and fresh fruit. With no fridges we also purchase all of our meat and fish fresh form the market each day, so you can be assured you’ll be eating fresh authentically Ugandan food.


  • Ziplining
  • Rafting
  • Safari tours
  • Horse riding
  • Hiking/coffee tour
  • Market tour
  • And more…

During your time here you will get free time to take  a tour of the beauty of Uganda on safari this take approximately two to three days on Safari it could cost you from $150 to $700 US Dollars depending which activity you want to do.

We can do your booking and make sure you communicate to us in time.


Once you settle in and become more immersed with our programs, many of our volunteers have ideas or initiatives they want to explore further. There is lots of downtime during the week and we strongly encourage our volunteers to use this time wisely, be self-motivated and work with their hosts. We want to ensure all of the work we are doing is going to serve the community or the recipient in the right way, so be open minded and willing to learn.