Our mission here at BACOP is to empower communities through knowledge and skills to improve their welfare. Whilst volunteering with BACOP you will have the opportunity to support our mission in many ways including working directly in local communities.

Our outreach program has many initiatives which you can have the chance to partake in. When we are approached by a local village to help support them with an issue (anything from health problems to water access) we often spend about 6 months just immersing ourselves within the community before we do anything.

During this time we work closely with the community leaders to first properly understand the issues they are facing. We are passionate about treating the route cause, not just putting in a quick fix. For example we recently worked with a village who had many of their children consistently getting sick with Malaria. After taking our time to really understand what was happening we discovered that their water source was the problem and our solution was to help them build a clean water way.

Our next step before starting a project is educate the entire village on what we are doing and the responsibilities they will then have to support our work and maintain it. Remember our mission is to empower communities and we do this by enabling them to drive our initiatives. When we are satisfied that they are ready and supportive we then begin work.

Since our existence to date, we have built a strong foundation of trust, community involvement and accountability. In serving the community BACOP has contributed significantly to the improved welfare the people.

Current projects: